Art and culture organizations can join by producing their own strategy statement that reflects the needs and challenges of their practice. The strategies are published on this platform and on the institutions’ individual channels. The questions below can be used as starting points for the process.

Please contact for more information about joining.

– How, in practice, will your organization work towards reinforcing equality and supporting a processes of decolonization?  This may include ensuring that a diverse group of perspectives are heard and represented in both organizational structures as well as programming, as well as deconstructing colonial or sexist undertones from collections, exhibitions, and texts and discourses that support them.

– Economic inequality is one of the biggest causes of structural inequality and homogenization of the international art world. Fewer and fewer people can afford to be an artist. How is your organization fighting economic inequality and securing the basic structures of the welfare state?

– How is your organization working towards protecting freedom of expression while taking  a stand against hate speech?

– How is your organization measuring the success of exhibitions and artistic value generally besides a visitor count, ticket sales, volume of press, philanthropic support, or art market sales?

– How are fair pay and equality addressed in your organization’s labor structure and strategies?